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Spartan Krav Maga


Krav Maga is the best defense and most reliable real world application of the tactics and techniques to survive a life-threatening encounter.

Spartan Krav Maga is located in Michigan and has multiple training locations. Instructors at Spartan Krav Maga have trained with and certified under the top level Krav Maga systems and law enforcement instructors from around the world. Spartan Krav Maga instructors are all currently certified police officers and have many years of experience in several different areas of police work. These areas include: defensive tactics, firearms tactics and training, less lethal applications, undercover narcotics, and SWAT.

Our name says Krav Maga but we offer many other programs and courses to our clients. We travel the area teaching de-escalation courses, violent patient management, workplace safety, active violence and escape measures, firearms related courses, and much more. Spartan Krav Maga instructors have trained thousands of law enforcement officers and military personnel. We currently provide awareness, avoidance, self-defense, de-escalation and threat recognition programs for numerous healthcare facilities, large corporations, and several businesses looking to provide a safe workplace for their employees and customers.

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