It's Not A Gym

Our Performance Facility Will Move You

A Real Track

Most facilities limit you to treadmills if you need to run or walk. We have a full, professional-grade, indoor track, so you can walk and run on a low-impact surface, year-round.

Hit the Turf

For more, low-impact speed and cross-functional training, you can hit our turf. It's professional-grade and made of the same stuff you find in sports stadiums all around the country.

Cross-Training Monkey Bars

For members requiring more high-intensity, functional cross-training, our facility has ladders, monkey bars, and a whole array of cross-training tools.


Machines & More

And, of course, we have an assortment of machines, free-weights, and cones, heavyweight bags, and all sorts of other equipment, which makes it possible for you to achieve results, whatever your individual program requires.


Want To See More?

Call us to schedule a time to come and check out our facility.

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