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Rebecca Klinger


National Athletic Trainers' Association, 1992
American Council on Exercise, 2004
Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Instructor, 2008
Titleist Performance Institute Golf Medical Instructor, 2008
Selective Functional Movement Screen, 2008


My mission is to help you reach your optimum physical goals. I will conduct a thorough assessment and design an individualized plan, which will include corrective exercises, functional movement patterns, strength and power. I will then coach you through your functional movement progression with a comprehensive approach to your entire body. I want you to experience a functional body that overcomes a chronic injury, improves sports performance, recovers from surgery, loses weight, and/or physically moves through the day with greater ease and comfort. While I have been a certified personal trainer since 2005, it has been my athletic training certification and experience that has afforded me a unique capability in serving my clients' needs. After becoming a certified athletic trainer in 1992, I utilized my skills to prevent injuries and rehabilitate athletes in a collegiate setting, as well as rebuild patients for the sport of life in a traditional physical therapy clinic. Witnessing first hand some of dysfunctional movement patterns that lead to injury, and understanding the necessary progression to return someone back to 100%, I combine my assessment, rehabilitative, and performance enhancement skills to meet your needs and goals. In addition to the technical aspects of training, it is important to me that I develop a partnership with you. I want to understand why you have set the goals you have set, as well as how I can best help motivate you to reach your full potential. You will likely experience some obstacles along your journey, and I want to be there to offer strategies to overcome them.

Training Rates

60-min Personal Training Session $90
30-min Personal Training Session $50
90-min Personal Training Session $140
Dual Personal Training Session $100
Triple Personal Training Session $150

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