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Charlie Furgason


Accredited Exercise Therapist, Egoscue Method (2004)
Accredited Exercise Therapist, Egoscue Method (2004)


Charlie has a Bachelors of Science degree from Michigan State University in Physical Education and Exercise Science. He is a Licensed PTX Therapist and received his Exercise Therapist accreditation from The Egoscue Method in 2004. He is also certified as an Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine. He has extensive experience in the areas of posture therapy, personal training, weight management, and pulmonary rehabilitation. After spending seven years as an Exercise Physiologist at local Lansing, MI hospitals, he moved on to spend two years as the owner and director of the Lansing, MI Egoscue Method Clinic. He is now owner of Pain Free Pros specializing in helping clients eliminate chronic pain through PTX Therapy, a form of Posture Therapy. Charlie has been helping clients through Posture Therapy since 1997.

Training Rates

90-min Postural Therapy Session $150
60-min Personal Training Session $85
45-min Personal Training Session $70
30-min Personal Training Session $55

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